K2 Awards Launches K2 Promo Products

We’ve got a lot of new stuff up our sleeves at K2 Awards and we’re excited to launch a new branch of our company: K2 Promotional Products.

K2 Promotional Products

Now with K2 you can put your logo on almost anything you can imagine because 1 in 4 people carry around a promotional product every day. Don’t believe us? Look in your purse. There’s probably a pen you stole from the nightstand in your hotel room or accidentally swiped from your doctor’s office. You’ve probably brushed your teeth with a toothbrush that had your dentist’s name on it and you’ve probably got a magnet stuck to your fridge that you received for free in the mail.

That’s the power of promotional products and K2 is excited to offer them for great prices with a quick turnaround.

The Top Prizes We Wanted To Win In The 90s

We’ve been making trophies since 2001 but before we went into the awards business, we lusted after the sweet, sweet prizes of the 1990s. While our trophies are great, nothing can quite replace the pride and sweet prizes of our most favorite 90s Nickelodeon game shows.

Do you even know how bad we wanted to stand on the pedestal beside our Global Guts competitors and hold that awesome piece of glowing Aggro Crag over our heads?

Or open up a door on the Wall O’ Stuff to win an awesome What Would You Do T-Shirt?  Or how we secretly wanted to be put into the pie machine?

Or go on Legends of the Hidden Temple to retrieve the pendant and win a trip to the coveted Space Camp (and most likely a brand new Zenith TV and Magna mountain bike)?

Yes. We wanted the gold medals and the sweet Casio keyboards. We try to keep the dream alive with reruns on Teen Nick and by keeping our own medals and trophies in stock, just in case we get a call that Legends of the Hidden Temple is making a comeback and we get to don the dreamed about Blue Barracudas t-shirt and swing across a moat. One day.

The 5 Weirdest Awards

We’re used to watching the Academy Awards and the Grammys, laughing at our favorite celebrities get slimed at The Kids Choice Awards, and enjoying over the top performances at the MTV Music Awards but some awards and award shows really go overboard, rewarding the most outrageous discoveries and people with funny (and sometimes) offensive awards.

1. Ig Nobel Awards

Honoring the weird and oftentimes trivial scientific research each year, 10 Ig Nobel Awards are given out to honor research that “first makes you laugh and then makes you think.” These awards are given out at Harvard University and the presenters include many actual Nobel Prize winners. In 1997, the Ig Nobel Prize for Physics went to Robert Matthews of Aston University, England for showing that toast most often falls on the buttered side. Innovation at it’s finest.

2. Foot In Mouth Award

All right. We know that celebrities can say the darndest things and the Plain English Campaign is there to award them for their most impressively baffling speeches with their annual “Foot In Mouth Awards.” From politicians to movie stars, the Plain English Campaign takes no prisoners. In 1996, the award went to Alicia Silverstone, who noted, “I think that [the film] ‘Clueless’ was very deep. I think it was deep in the way that it was very light. I think lightness has to come from a very deep place if it’s true lightness.” We totally agree, Alicia. (As if.)

3. Darwin Awards

This one is referenced a lot in pop culture but it seems like no one really knows exactly what makes one qualified to win a Darwin Award. No, your favorite  YouTube star who missed the pool when he jumped off the roof probably did not win a Darwin Award if he lived to upload the video. To win a Darwin award, you must meet 5 criteria: be out of the gene pool (dead or sterile), be capable of sound judgement, have astounding misapplication of judgement, be the cause of your own demise, and the event must be true. One notable Darwin Award recipient “Cameron, 18, was joyriding in a shopping cart as he held onto a moving SUV” when both the car and cart hit a speed bump.

4. Rotten Sneaker Contest

This is one for those days you’ve been on your feet, in the rain, wearing no socks, for twelve hours straight. Everyday. For five years. Okay, that might be an exaggeration but the winners of this award given out by Odor Eaters have the smelliest shoes in the country. Sneakers are judged “on the conditions of the sole, tongue, heel, toe, laces or velcro, eyelets/grommets, overall condition and most important ODOR” according to the official contest page. The winners’ shoes are retired after the contest (luckily) and displayed in the Odor Eaters “Hall of Fumes.”

5. Loo of the Year Awards

Given out each year by the British Toilet Association whose objective is “to encourage the highest possible standards in all types of ‘away from home’ or public toilets.” Yes, that’s right, an award for the best public restrooms in the UK. This award is no joke, either. There are sixty different categories you can be nominated in for toilet of the year. Sixty! It’s very obvious that the British take their public toilets seriously.

Tips For Creating A Memorable Plaque

One of our most frequently asked questions at K2 Awards is “Can you recommend what to put on the plaque I’m ordering?” and most of the time we’re happy to help but we always like to emphasize that a plaque should be personal and, in the words of one of our customer service employees, it should be “from the heart.”


But for those of you (and we’ve all been there) who don’t know exactly what to say, we’ve compiled a list of pointers for you.

Here’s a few tips to get you started: 

1. Be personal. A plaque is a memorable gift; don’t make it sound generic. Add a little inside joke or a quote that suits the occasion.

2. Be concise. Don’t ramble on and on. Keep it short and sweet. You don’t want a whole lot of clutter on your plaque.

3. CHECK YOUR SPELLING! We catch a lot of errors but we sometimes we don’t catch them all. Review your order before you place it just to make sure everything is spelled right, ESPECIALLY THE NAMES!

4. Feel free to add a logo on graphic. You can upload your image right on the order page where it says “add file attachments.” We can even do FULL COLOR images on our sublimated plaques (or Value Plaques or Black Marble Finish Plaques are great examples of these.)

5. Don’t worry about the design; we have awesome graphic designers on staff to make your plaques look great! For most of our plaques, you will receive a proof before your plaque goes to be made so you make changes to the design or text. You can also request proofs for any plaques that do not typically require proof approval just in case. (You can also request a certain style or font for your plaque if you want but we recommend staying away from all caps.)

The Most Common Items Included on a Plaque:

Name of Recipient (include their title if it’s relevant to the award)

Reason for the Award and Name of the Award

Presenter of the Award: Can be a specific person or a company name.

Date: Can be the date the award is given or the date of a major accomplishment. This can also be an extended period of time (such as June 2004 – February 2006.)

Location: Where the award ceremony is taking place or where the accomplishment was made.

A Dedication or Phrase: This can be something simple like “Thanks for your dedication” or a quote. This is what can make your plaque really stand out.

K2 Awards In The News

If you follow us on any of our social media, you’ve probably heard that we got a bit of press this week and we’re not shy in bragging about it a little bit. (There’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion, right? It’s like we’re totally famous now!)

We're Kind Of A Big Deal

We’re all very excited to show off that we were featured in this month’s issue of Recognition Review, the magazine produced by The Awards and Recognition Association.

Fun fact: Recognition Review has a higher print readership than US News, Newsweek, and World Report combined. (I know… crazy! It’s a pretty cool magazine though so I can see why.)

So in other news, we’re super stoked to get a chance to show off our fancy new building off to the other members of the trophy and engraving business and to our awesome customers. We couldn’t have moved to a big new building without the support of our fabulous customers and we’re excited to keep expanding and adding more cool trophies to our inventory now that we have a gigantic 50,000 ft² warehouse.

K2 Awards in Recognition Review June 2013

So check us out in Recognition Review and thanks for making this possible.

K2 Awards Joins In To Help Oklahoma Tornado Victims

After an EF5 tornado tore through Oklahoma on May 19th, the US saw an influx of support for the family members who lost everything to the devastating storm but as time wears on, we tend to forget that a town can’t heal overnight.


Image by Paul Hellstern / AP

In an effort to continue to support the thousands of people affected by the storm and other natural disasters, the Richmond, Virginia area has pulled together and is hosting a community yard sale to benefit the victims of this terrible storm. The yard sale will be hosted at the Monroe Park Sweet Frog shop on Cary Street on Saturday June 1st from 1-5pm. Sweet Frog will be donating 20% of their sales and 100% of yard sale funds will go to The American Red Cross.


Several K2 Awards employees are volunteering their time and donating their gently used items to help support the effort to rebuild and restore normality and we encourage you to donate or stop by and shop around for a little treasure to take home. K2 Awards will also be donating several items to the event. We are all very excited to participate and do what we can for those affected by natural disasters.

While we’re halfway across the country, the Richmond community wants to do what we can to support those in need. If you are able to participate, you can RSVP to the event on Facebook. The donation drop off is at the Monroe Park Sweet Frog on Saturday from 11am-1pm when the yard sale begins so start sorting through your basements and attics, fire up your ovens and bake some goodies to donate, and stop by on Saturday to join in.

Even if you don’t live in Richmond, VA or you aren’t able to make it on Saturday, you can still help out by donating to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund.

redcross-logoYou can also text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross Disaster Relief, which helps people affected by disasters such as hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and tornadoes, at home and around the world.

Busy Season At K2 Awards Interpreted by Pixar

May is what we call at K2 Awards our “busy season” and it’s exactly what it sounds like: busy.


We’re highly caffeinated.


But there’s only so fast we can move (even though we would all like to pretend we are lightning fast super heroes with our capes waving in the wind).


Alas, we don’t have capes.

Our production team has grown twice as big as we build your custom awards and package them up to arrive to you on time. Our customer service people are answering your phone calls and live online chats as best as they can and the plate makers and laser engravers are engraving your awards and ensuring that they turn out just they way they should. In other words, our coffee pot is working overtime to keep us on our toes.


Sometimes we get tired.


And sometimes we have days where nothing seems be going our way.


But we get right back up and make the best out of it.


Don’t worry, we’re still having fun. (You can follow our shenanigans on Twitter.) Even if our company air hockey table is piled up with boxes and orders instead of being used on casual lunch breaks and the basketball hoop in our warehouse is lonely and ready for use again, we know it’s there when the season ends.


Until then, we’re working hard to bring you the best awards we can at the best prices and trying to just keep moving along.


Best Fan Made Stanley Cups

We have a lot of die-hard hockey fans at K2 Awards who have been mercilessly taunting each other since the NHL playoffs began. We didn’t think there could be fans more excited about the Stanley Cup than the employees here but, boy, were we wrong.

While most people won’t get to drink out of the real Stanley Cup (which holds 24 beers, by the way), many people have decided that if they can’t get to enjoy the real thing, they’d make their own edible versions.


One Redditor to honor future hockey moms in a unique way.

While some people just like to look like this:

Untitled-2 copy

A special someone has made a tutorial to make you own miniature Stanley Cup.

4 done

And then Lego made this:


All in all, while the Stanley Cup itself may be out of the public’s hands, the public is good at finding creative and sometimes very interesting ways to hold their very own Stanley Cup.

Like us on Facebook and tell us how you gear up for the NHL playoffs.

Celebrity Trophy Rooms

Winning the award is just the beginning. While many of our little league trophies adorn bookshelves and collect dust in basement boxes, celebrities, athletes, and even some regular folks find creative and beautiful ways to display their awards. Whether it’s an elaborate shrine or a simple display, we love looking at awards displayed in a special place.

Celebrity Awards on Display

From Left to Right:: Hillary Swank and Chad Lowe’s awards on display in their cozy living room, Tina Turner’s Grammys on display in her in home theater, and John Wayne’s wall of awards

And then we have the ultimate music trophy room, courtesy of The King himself: Elvis. I’m pretty sure there’s nothing that can compete with Elvis’ wall of gold and platinum albums.

This trophy room is on display in Graceland.

This trophy room is on display in Graceland.

While celebrities have some awesome awards showcases, athletes and teams are no strangers to showing off their awards as well.

From left to right: Old Trafford Trophy Room for Manchester United Football (Soccer) team, Trophy room for horse breeder Rita Crundwell, and UCLA's NCAA tournament awards room

From left to right: Old Trafford Trophy Room for Manchester United Football (Soccer) team, Trophy room for horse breeder Rita Crundwell, and UCLA’s NCAA tournament awards room.

How do you display your awards? Tweet us @K2_Awards and let us know!

Best of K2 Awards’ Testimonials

If you’ve been to our website, you’ve probably noticed our uncensored testimonials. Yes we read them. Sometimes we get really great reviews, sometimes we find things we need to work on, and sometimes we get a good chuckle. Here are our “best ofs” of our testimonials.



For the all the left-brainers out there, this type of review may make the most sense. If you add up all the stuff we do right, it equates to a very satisfying customer experience, which is totally what we’re going for here.

A Vocabulary Lesson:


Sometimes we find reviews for people who may or may not be practicing their SAT vocabulary words and we’re totally cool with that. Good on you for being a human dictionary. Webster would be proud.

The Creative Response:


And then there are some responses that really should be put up on a plaque and framed. This is one of them. To the person who wrote this review for us, thank you. We love being considered the Ferrari of the trophy industry. While we may not be able to go back in time, we know we can rock white blazers and Ray Bans while fighting crime and making your trophies all at the same time.

We love getting all kinds of feedback. You can leave us your most creative reviews on our Yelp page or our Google Plus Local page. Make us laugh or make us cry; we can handle it.